Papers of The 9th Japan Scar Workshop

13. Usefulness of the JSW Scar Scale

Satoko Yamawaki, Motoko Naitoh, and Shigehiko Suzuki
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine Kyoto University

The JSW Scar Scale was advocated as a tool to assess keloids and hypertrophic scars at the Japan Scar Workshop in 2011. The scale is composed of classification before treatment and evaluation after treatment. We assessed keloids and hypertrophic scars using the JSW Scar Scale. Patients were divided into three groups; those with keloids treated with surgical procedures (KO), those with keloids treated with steroid injections (KS), and those with hypertrophic scars treated with steroid injections (HS). The mean score before treatment was highest in the KO group and lowest in the HS group, which indicates that the classification can differentiate between keloids and hypertrophic scars before treatment. No correlation was found between classification and evaluation, probably because we assessed groups that underwent different treatments.
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