Papers of The 9th Japan Scar Workshop

9. Title: Utility of the JSW Scar Scale 2011

Fumiaki Shimizu MD, PhD, Miwako Oatari MD, and Miyuki Uehara MD
Department of Plastic Surgery, Oita University Hospital

In 2011, Ogawa et al. reported a new evaluation system for keloids, the so-called JSW Scar Scale 2011. This system is useful to evaluate the prognosis and severity of keloids. From 2012, the JSW Scar Scale 2011 was used to evaluate patients in our department. In this study, the utility of this system was assessed retrospectively. We found that this system is extremely useful to evaluate the severity of keloids. However, there were some differences in the scores of "pain and tenderness" and "itchy" between two examiners. On the other hand, there was no difference in the score of "classification" between two examiners. There was no significant difference between the prognosis and the score of "classification" in the JSW Scar Scale.
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