Papers of The 9th Japan Scar Workshop

7. Consideration of Hypertrophic Scaring After Treatment of Extensive Tattoos with a CO2 Laser

Mitsuhiro Yamamoto1 and Masayuki Miyata2
1:Yamamoto Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Niigata, Japan
2:Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences

A CO2 laser, which has powerful transpiration and coagulation abilities, is an effective tool for removing extensive tattoos; however, post-operative hypertrophic scarring is inevitable and is more severe than that caused by ordinary treatments.
The reasons why severe hypertrophic scarring occurs after treatment using a CO2 laser are as follows:
1) The tattoos are at regions where keloid and hypertrophic scaring tends to occur.
2) Patients want to manage the wounds themselves after treatment; however, this usually causes wound infection.
3) The powerful transpiration and coagulation abilities of a CO2 laser damage the tissues around tattoos and delay wound healing.
Nevertheless, patients can be satisfied with this treatment because it completely removes tattoos.
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