Papers of The 7th Japan Scar Workshop

10. Cosmetic and Psychological Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Make-up® For Post-burn Scar Patients

Takeshi Iimura1, Rei Ogawa1, Reiko Kazuki1,2, Hiko Hyakusoku1
1:Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan

Background: Rehabilitation Make-up® is a therapy consisting of Medical Make-up for patients with scars and skin disorders. In this paper, the effect of Rehabilitation Make-up® on post-burn scar patients was analyzed.
Methods: Three patients with burn scars were selected for this study and given Rehabilitation Make-up®. The effectiveness of this therapy was evaluated both subjectively and objectively. In terms of the subjective assessment, the patients were asked to assess their own appearance and psychological condition before and after treatment by using the visual analog scale (VAS). With regard to the objective assessment, pre- and post-treatment photographs were taken and ten independent plastic surgeons were asked to score the severity of the scars by using a 0-10 scale. We have termed this the scar severity score (SSS).
Result: The estimates of the plastic surgeons revealed that both cases had improved significantly in terms of scar severity. The patients also thought that they had improved significantly after treatment.
Conclusions: Rehabilitation Make-up® appears to be a form of psychological therapy since it not only improves the appearance of patients, it also generates better mental health. Thus, this may be a useful treatment that facilitates the rehabilitation of the patient into society.
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