Papers of The 6th Japan Scar Workshop

6. Two Case Reports of Good Improvement in Keloids Following Simple Conservative Treatment

Keiichi Goya, Akira Sugamata
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Tokyo Medical University Hachioji Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan

Several therapeutic modalities have been described for the treatment of keloids; however an optimal management approach has not yet been defined. Most therapeutic options have potential effectiveness as combination therapies for the management of keloids. We rarely observe patients whose keloids improve well with a simple conservative treatment. In this paper, we report two cases where patients experienced good improvement in keloids after receiving a simple treatment. In Case 1, a simple meshed tape bandage was very effective on the patient's BCG keloid on the left upper arm. In Case2, steroid injection resulted in dramatic improvement in the patient's keloid in the pubic region. We speculated that in those cases, the causes of keloid formation were relatively simple, and that coincided with the therapeutic effect of each conservative treatment.
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