Papers of The 3rd Japan Scar Workshop

15. Evaluation of scaring following mesh graft to burn wounds of children

Akira Sugamata
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Tokyo Medical University Hachioji Medical Center

In the treatment of burn wounds, it is a well known truth that mesh grafts suppress the occurrence of hypertrophic scars in the early stages after wound closure. However, as time passes, non grafted hypertrophic scaring areas become flat and smooth, eventually, we are unable to find any advantage of mesh grafted areas over non grafted areas. On the contrary, the look of the meshed pattern scars is uglier than that of non grafted areas. This ugly mesh scar can be the cause of much distress in pediatric patients.
For this reason, we should not select mesh grafts in operations for relatively small burn wounds in children. In such cases, patch graft from the scalp can achieve better results.
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