Papers of The 3rd Japan Scar Workshop

9. Consideration of Two Recurrent Cases of Earlobe Keloids Induced by Piercing

Mitsuhiro Yamamoto
Yamamoto Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery clinic

Surgical removal of keloids induced by ear piercing is more effective than surgical removal of keloids on other parts of the body. However, if treated by surgery alone, without postoperative treatment, there is an extremely high rate of recurrence.
The author reports two recurrent cases of earlobe keloids induced by piercing, which had not received any postoperative treatment
Case 1
A 21year-old woman with a recurrent left earlobe keloid underwent surgical excision and was treated by a continuous pressure earring and steroid injections postoperatively.
There was no recurrence during 12 months of follow-up.
Case 2
A 24-year-old woman with a recurrent left earlobe keloid was treated using the described postoperative treatment after excision, and there was no recurrence 16 months postoperatively.
The author emphasizes the importance of continuous postoperative pressure earrings
and steroid injections after a surgical procedure.
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