Papers of The 3rd Japan Scar Workshop

1. Postoperative Assessment of Keloids using a Simple Scale

Satoko Yamawaki, Katsuhiro Yoshikawa, Toshihiro Ishiko, Motoko Naitoh, Shigehiko Suzuki
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

Keloids are a common disease but it is challenging to treat keloids completely. The combination of surgical excision and postoperative irradiation is considered the most effective therapy available but the reported results still vary. The absence of a standard simple tool for assessing the postoperative results seems to be one of the reasons for the large variations. We attempted to develop our original scale to evaluate the postoperative results by modifying the Vancouver scar scale. Evaluation was performed based on two items; subjective symptom and objective symptom. The subjective symptoms included pain and itching, each item is graded in two levels. The objective symptoms included redness, hardness and elevation, each item was graded into one of three levels. All the grading points were added together and the results were evaluated into four categories according to total scores: excellent = 0, good = 1~2, fair = 3 and poor = 4~8. We have evaluated 70keloids by the scale. Sixty-one keloids showed excellent or good results. It is possible to know whether the keloids are well controlled or not by checking the changes of the scores during the postoperative course. Our scale is simple, convenient and useful.
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