Papers of The 2nd Japan Scar Workshop

6. Legal issues with the treatment of scars and keloids from the view of “condition sine qua non”

Tomoyuki Hisa1,2,3, Hironobu Yanagie2,3, Masazumi Eriguchi3,4

1:Second Department of Pathology, Osaka Medical College, Osaka, Japan
2:The University of Tokyo Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan
3:The University of Tokyo Hospital Cooperative Unit of Medicine and Engineering Research, Tokyo, Japan
4:Showa University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo, Japan

Recently, the Japanese doctor-patient relationship has become more sophisticated. Accordingly, the number of legal cases is also increasing. Therefore, not only patients, but also doctors, should acquire appropriate legal knowledge. Japanese criminal law is based on “condition sine qua non.” In this paper, we discuss the criminal responsibilities of doctors.
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