Papers of The 2nd Japan Scar Workshop

1. Usefulness of Small-Wave Incisions for Surgical Treatment of Long, Linear Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids

Shimpei Ono, Rei Ogawa, Shunichi Nomoto, Hiko Hyakusoku
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Nippon Medical School

In surgical treatment of long, linear keloids and hypertrophic scars on curved surfaces, for example in the suprapubic region, W-plasty is often used to reduce tension and avoid recurrence: the so-called accordion effect. However, this method leaves a noticeable zig-zag scar and requires multiple normal skin resections. To overcome these problems, the new method of keloidectomy, a small-wave incision, was devised by Hyakusoku et al. and introduced in 2003. Small-wave incisions are a series of waves, approximately 1 cm in length, designed to involve minimal normal skin margins. The accordion effect is maintained, but with an inconspicuous linear scar. Here, we present favorable outcomes in two cases treated with this method, although further postoperative therapy is needed. Small-wave incisions have advantages over conventional W-plasty and may potentially be applied to other diseases.
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