Papers of The 1st Japan Scar Workshop

18. Overgrowth or Invasion of Keloids: Visual Analysis by A Finite Element Approach

Akaishi S, Ogawa R, Akimoto M, Hyakusoku H
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan

Keloids are formed in response to skin injury and are characterized by thick, hypertrophic scars that form in a manner that resembles the growth and formation of malignant tumors. Though alike in form, there is no scientific evidence that definitively explains the similarities between keliods and malignant tumors. Keloids physically manifest themselves in several different forms including one known as Crab’s claw. There is no evidence that explains which type ofkeloid will appear, though we hypothesized that the amount of tension and stretching found in the skin play a role in the type ofkeloid that forms. In order to test this hypothesis, we used the Finite-Element Method in conjunction with computer models to asses the impact that tension plays in the formation of keloids.
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