Papers of The 1st Japan Scar Workshop

17. Outcome of Treatment for Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars

Kenmoku K, Hashigawa K, Terashi H, Tahara S
Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Kobe, Kobe, Japan

Objective: Treating keloids and hypertrophic scars is frequent in routine clinical practice, but the number of patients discontinuing treatment is not small. In this study, we investigated the outcome of treating keloids and hypertrophic scars. Methods: We examinedthe medical records of 165 patients with keloids or hypertrophic scars (from January, 2001 to August, 2005) and analyzed the outcome of the treatment. The outcome was classified into four categories: “finished”, treatment was completed; “interruption”, the patient discontinued visiting the hospital; “continuation”, the patient is currently under treatment; and "changed", the patient changed to another hospital. Results: Of the 165 patients, 36% with keloids and 31% with hypertrophic scars discontinued the treatment (interruption). There was no correlation between treatment for pain, treatment by surgery or local steroid injections, and treatment outcome. The average period of the treatment for keloids and hypertrophic scars was about 10 months before the “interruption”. Conclusions: This study suggests that patients discontinue treatment at a comparatively early time, regardless of pain at the time of treatment and the duration of therapy. When starting treatment for keloids and hypertrophic scars, it is necessary to consider the possibilitythat the patient may discontinue visiting the hospital during the course of treatment.
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